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Non-Prep, Immediate Veneers & What They Can Do For Your Smile

A full set of composite veneers from £38.36 per month*
  • Quick treatment – all over in one sitting
  • Non-invasive and no permanent changes
  • Directly sculpted on top of existing teeth
  • Application takes only a few hours
  • Costs just £275 per tooth – less expensive than porcelain

Similar to composite bonding, composite veneers use the same material. However, they cover the entire surface of the tooth instead of just a portion, which means patients can totally makeover their smiles cheaply without causing any damage to the underlying tooth.

Patients interested in a non-prep alternative to traditional veneers can find their perfect match with composite veneers.

*A full set of composite veneers (six teeth) would cost £1,650 or £38.36 per month, interest bearing 14.9% over 60 months. Or using 0% finance, £137.50 over 12 months.

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What patients need to know about composite veneers

  • Sleek veneer finishes without the commitment of permanent treatment.
  • Coverage of the entire tooth, providing a wider, whiter, symmetrical smile.
  • A consultation is required to assess your suitability.
  • You’ll first approve a trial smile with 3D digital and imaging technology.
  • Patients will get to try out their trial smile first before proceeding.
  • Composite veneers are directly applied to teeth, shaped, contoured and polished in one appointment.

Key requirements for composite veneer suitability

  • Patients must have had a check-up in the last six months.
  • Patients must be aged over 18 years.
  • Healthy gums and teeth are essential.
  • Have had an x-ray or hygiene treatment before bonding.

What composite can and cannot do

  • It helps fix minor gaps in teeth (not diastema).
  • It can only help with minor misalignment and crooked teeth issues.
  • It can repair damage to teeth, but more than a quarter of the tooth must remain.
  • It is not a replacement for missing teeth or dental crowns.
  • It can be used to conceal receding gums.
  • Repairs small chips and cracks in the teeth.
  • Composite bonding can be used to cover stains.

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Cost of composite veneers

  • £275 per tooth (£22.91 per month over 12)
  • £1,650 for 6 teeth (£137.5 per month over 12)
  • £2,200 for 8 teeth (£183.33 per month over 12)
  • £2,750 for 10 teeth (£229.16 per month over 12)

Composite veneers are available on 0% finance over 12 months, extending interest-bearing terms 14.9% up to 60 months.

Composite veneers vs porcelain veneers – which is best?

There are a few stark differences between composite and porcelain veneers – and it’s understandable for patients wanting to weigh up the benefits of the two treatments before progressing.

Porcelain veneers are more expensive but last longer, are not prone to staining, and tend not to chip as easily as composite veneers. But composite veneers can chip and break off. They are easy to repair, whereas you’d likely need to replace the entire porcelain veneer if this were to happen.

Porcelain veneers also offer superior durability, lasting up to 15 years (or longer), with composite lasting between 5 and 10. But then you have the question of preparation. With porcelain, you will require tooth enamel to be removed unless you opt for Lumineers, which are as thin as a contact lens and, in some cases, require no etching.

But this is nothing compared to what you see online with teeth filed down to stubs – that’s not veneers! However, the benefit of composite here is that it’s reversible, which means they require no prep as they’re applied directly to the tooth in layers.

Then, you have timing. If you don’t mind your dental treatment spanning over three appointments and a short 3-week wait period for veneers to be made, then porcelain will be right for you.

The porcelain shells are hand-crafted following a design from your dentist and impressions of your teeth – whereas try and imagine composite as a free hand.

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