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  • Infected or damaged teeth?
  • Is the tooth already loose or wobbly?
  • Erupting wisdom teeth causing you pain?
  • Too many teeth in the mouth?

If you have one tooth that causes pain, book a check-up (£58) and consult with our gentle dentists about tooth extraction (£115).

Your smile is in safe hands

Dr Aak qualified from the prestigious Bart’s &The London Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

“Though we prioritise preventative and restorative care and will do everything possible to save a tooth before considering extraction, sometimes, in particularly complex decay cases, it is unavoidable. Extraction may be necessary if you have an infection in the pulp or have lost gum or bone tissue due to advanced gum disease. We may also need to extract one or more teeth to reduce crowding before orthodontic treatment.” Dr Rahul Nehra.

Help is at hand

To avoid leaving you toothless, we always explore alternative treatments to save the tooth from being pulled. 

What we can do:

  • Root canals from £450 to treat infections at the root.
  • Apicoectomy to remove damaged tissue.
  • Straight-forward tooth extraction.
  • Dental implant to replace missing tooth. More.


Explained For Nervous Patients

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

  • Your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic if you require a simple extraction.
  • They will then rock the tooth back and forth in its socket using a pair of tiny forceps, loosening it gradually until it can be removed.

The procedure is relatively quick and pain-free, with only pressure being felt.

What About A Complex, Surgical Extraction?

The only difference between a complex and simple extraction is the recovery period. The term “complex extraction” covers cases such as problematic wisdom teeth or any other tooth hidden beneath the gum line. 

These cases may require more invasive treatment methods, such as surgically removing gum and bone tissue. In these cases, patients will be under local anaesthetic, with further sedation options (IV and oral) for particularly phobic patients.

Mary Whitby
Mary Whitby
Always 5⭐️
Summer Knox
Summer Knox
Had such a good experience with my Invisalign at The Smile Gallery. Very friendly and professional staff. Would definitely recommend.
Roselle George
Roselle George
Dr. Esen and Olivia were extremely gentle on me. I'm a big baby! Dr. Esen numbed my gum and I felt nothing more while she filled the upper tooth. Thank you.
Catharine Crowson
Catharine Crowson
So pleased I went to the Smile Gallery. I’ve had two veneers done with them as well as my usual check ups. Can’t fault them!
Jerónimo Berruezo
Jerónimo Berruezo
Fantastic work and such nice people. You guys are amazing and we will be back for more work. My family loved being here
Tia Michael
Tia Michael
Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you too Dr Rahul and Nicole. I was in yesterday for composite bonding and I’m over the moon with my new teeth. Dr Rahul listened to exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. Both Nicole and Rahul were so kind and reassuring💕would recommend to anyone ☺️
Simon Elias
Simon Elias
Great place, very attentive.
steve millington
steve millington
Excellent team, very friendly and caring.
Anna lueocy
Anna lueocy
East Grinstead - The dentists are lovely here! I will definitely be returning.
Patricia D
Patricia D
A colleague of mine recommended this brilliant team 👏 😀 that I can only speak highly of when it comes to their professionalism and dedication. I happen to live quite far BUT that honestly is all worth it. Dr Rahul & Dr Jaime ABSOLUTELY THE BEST 👏 👌 I know it's going to be a long journey for me but having such wonderful team will make the process less stressful. I can't thank them enough for being ever so patient, also the ever so lovely receptists whomno matter how busy they are they always welcome you with such warmth. Huge thanks for making a difference to those of us that in a way left it a bit "too late" going to the dentist.
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Replace pulled out teeth

Don’t Want To Be Left Without A Tooth? Don’t Deal With A Gap!

  • Replace the tooth and the root with a single dental implant costing £1,995, including the implant, abutment and tooth-coloured crown.
  • If you have teeth on either side, a dental bridge costing £950 can be used to bridge the gap.
  • A partial denture held in place by metal clasps costs £425.

Healing correctly

Aftercare Advice

After an extraction, you must take care of the socket to avoid complications. Refrain from consuming hot foods and drinks, using a straw, smoking, vigorous rinsing, or aggravating the extraction site when brushing.


“My regular dentist referred me to Dr Nehra and The Smile Gallery for a tooth extraction. I felt comfortable and in very safe hands. Dr Nehra took the time to discuss my options. He and the rest of the team were all outstanding.” Paul, Tunbridge Wells

We’re the highest and most-rated dentist in the East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells area if you need more convincing. Plus, we open early for busy, working patients and are open late Thursday evenings and available on the weekend.

Call 01342 321 094 to schedule an appointment.

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