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  • Safe mercury and amalgam removal
  • Mercury-free dental treatments
  • BPA and amalgam-free dentistry
  • Certified holistic and biological dentists

Our approach here at The Smile Gallery in Sussex is to protect and preserve the health of our patients – this means that we consistently invest in the newest, safest technology to provide patients with an alternative, holistic route to better dental health and wellbeing.

Integrating holistic dentistry into the practice has put the emphasis back on treating patients as individuals and putting them back in charge of their treatments by recommending alternative treatment modalities they can choose according to their personal preferences.

Holistic dentistry treats the body and oral health in the same stead.

How we integrate holistic dentistry (mercury-free)  – our protective measures

  • We do not use amalgam or silver filling (no amalgam is kept on the premises).
  • We offer BPA free-fillings and white composite options.
  • The use of air purification systems to remove viruses, aerosols and debris to reduce exposure.
  • High-powered suction to limit and remove excessive aerosol and sprays using strong single surgery units to ensure regular pressure.
  • The mouth is washed at regular intervals to ensure minimal exposure.
  • Using only natural materials that are mercury – fluoride-free options for patients with no history of dental decay.

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Amalgam removal

  • Amalgam removal is five times faster using special drills that break up the mercury into larger pieces, reducing the risk of particle production.
  • Amalgam is removed with a rubber dam, which protects the airway and reduces the risk of inhaling any mercury produced from the filling.
  • The tooth is cleansed using charcoal, which, when activated, binds to the mercury and prevents it from binding to your body.
  • Minimally invasive which can put your mind at ease if you’re particularly nervous.

Mercury has been the major component of silver amalgam fillings for a century as it’s cheap and malleable. However, it’s a toxic, heavy metal that’s more poisonous than lead and arsenic. According to a study carried out by the IAOMT, amalgam continuously leaks dangerous vapour toxins, which have been linked to diseases like cancer, ADHD, Alzheimer and chronic fatigue.

Practising holistic dentistry, which uses mercury-free and amalgam-free products, means we use alternative filling materials to restore cavities.

The alternatives available for amalgam (mercury-free)

  • Composite resin (white fillings)
  • Glass Ionomer Cement

Amalgam-free fillings are safer, better-looking and prevent the likelihood of future caries.

Dr Brumder believes that amalgam removal is necessary – but it needs to be carried out in a dental practice that takes a holistic approach to ensure the safest possible environment for removal. As the content of these fillings is around 50% mercury – a big concern, with other metals added to make the material up, extra caution, care and attention need to be applied. Ignoring amalgam fillings over time can impact your immunse system and cause symptoms like brain fog, exhaustion and weakness.

Replace your amalgam fillings today.

Explore white, mercury-free dentistry

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Certified holistic and biological dentistry practised

  • BPA Free Composite – no classic monomers
  • Biocompatible Ceramic Inlays/Onlays
  • Separate air supply
  • Air Purifier to keep the air in the surgery clean
  • Isolating teeth with a rubber dam

Together with you, Dr Brumder will ensure that your oral health aligns with your diet and lifestyle to ensure an optimal environment for your smile and immune system. With holistic dentistry, your physical and emotional health are also considered when treating your oral issues, making the treatment very personal to you.

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