Fix Tooth Decay near Tunbridge Wells

  1. Pain when eating, drinking or biting down?
  2. Sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages?
  3. Visible holes in your teeth?
  4. Brown or black staining on the tooth’s surface?

Ignoring dental cavities might lead to more expensive repairs.

Remove dental decay and fill your cavity today:

white filling discount offer

White fillings available

Tooth-coloured fillings do not last as long as silver fillings but are preferred for their blending properties. Costing from £140.

Filling or a dental crown?

Fillings are generally recommended in cases of minor decay and damage to the tooth, whereas a dental crown takes care of severely damaged teeth.

The cavity will grow and deepen when tooth decay is ignored for a prolonged period. A filling will repair the tooth when detected at the right time.

However, when decay has taken over a significant portion of the tooth, you’ll likely be recommended a dental crown.

Dental crowns cost:

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Not sure if you need a filling?

We don’t expect you to know if you need a dental filling, but if you’re in pain, especially when biting down, you should book a check-up with one of our general dentists near Tunbridge Wells, who can examine your teeth and advise on the best next steps.

When we say we’re the best, we mean it

  • A warm, friendly, family-owned clinic with familiar cases working across your entire treatment plan.
  • 8% success rate in saving teeth from being extracted.
  • A highly experienced, family-friendly dental team with impressive restorative and implant dentistry skillsets.
  • We’re accepting new patients for just £58.

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Why patients in Tunbridge Wells choose The Smile Gallery

  • Highest-rated Dentist in East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells with 200+ reviews
  • 0% financing options available, and practice membership plans
  • On-street parking is available and a 4-minute walk from the train station
  • Family-operated clinic since 2013

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“I’ve been coming to the smile gallery for the past few years having decided to switch from an NHS dentist. I used to get many fillings which would always fall out but since coming to the Smile Gallery i’ve not had a single problem and it feels like my teeth are brand new again.” Nicholas, Tunbridge Wells (TN1)

  • Address: 36 St James Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1DL. Get directions.
  • Accessibility: 4 minutes from the station with on-street parking. Wheelchair accessible.
  • Reviews: Rated ★★★★★9 Stars on Google (234+ reviews)
  • Opening hours: 8 am start for busy, working patients – open late on Thursday evenings.
  • Phone: 01342 321 094
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