Destination for Periodontics and Affordable Gum Disease Solutions in East Grinstead

Tender, bleeding gums can be a massive cause for concern. Catch gum disease early to prevent it from damaging your oral health.

Do you have:

  1. Very sore, tender or swollen gums?
  2. Wobbly teeth becoming loose or falling out?
  3. Receding gums or black triangular pockets?

Relax – you are with us now. Initial hygiene sessions are £95. Book here.

hygienist clean offer

Improved treatments to fight gum disease

Our practice in East Grinstead offers extensive treatment planning to reverse gingivitis and alleviate symptoms of gum disease.

01. Advanced hygienist sessions

Scaling and root planning, or deep dental cleaning, are a great way to keep gums healthy and free from irritation – prices from £95. Book a clean.

02. Periodontal therapy

Custom periodontal treatments with a periodontist experienced in managing and repairing damage caused by gum disease. Periodontal consultation.

03. Laser gum surgery

Treat receding gums and gum disease effectively with cutting-edge laser treatments to remove inflamed, diseased gum tissue.

Your dental partner in managing gum disease

  • Minimally invasive, pain-free procedures.
  • Eliminate infection and promote bone regeneration.
  • Specialists and talented periodontists oversee cases.

Incredible hygienist Michelle Perry works closely with a periodontist, who will oversee and manage your treatment plan with us from start to finish.

Our treatments will be essential for preventing damage to the underlying bone and surrounding gum tissue, which might cause teeth to become loose and fall out.

We’re the highest-rated Dentist in East Grinstead. Register as a new patient.

What happens when you ignore gum disease?

Doing nothing to manage or alleviate the symptoms of gum disease is disastrous for the future of your oral health.

The bone in your jaw will deplete, gums will recede, and teeth will eventually fall out.

The situation will grow so dire that you will even become an unsuitable candidate for missing teeth procedures like dental implants, as they require a sufficient amount of bone and gum to be successful.

“I have been visiting the practice for many years. They have helped reduce my gum disease significantly, and taking the time to educate on reducing tooth damage and gum disease risks has been helpful. I have been so impressed by the technology and such kind service.” Parini, East Grinstead (RH10)

Practice details

  • Address: 36 St James Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1DL. Get directions.
  • Accessibility: 4 minutes from the station with on-street parking. Wheelchair accessible.
  • Reviews: Rated ★★★★★ Stars on Google (234+ reviews)
  • Opening hours: 8 am start for busy, working patients – open late on Thursday evenings.
  • Phone: 01342 321 094
  • Email:

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